Thursday, March 27, 2003

i read this awhile back, but i just re-read it and started laughing out loud... it's freakin hilarious.

click here.

Wednesday, March 26, 2003

prayer is a very important thing. I don't think i pray enough.

If you think about it.... NOT praying is a silly thing. On on side of the line, we've got the creator of all the universe, and the Savior of all mankind. He doesn't want much, and he needs nothing. I mean, even if the people that he created run away from him, he's still got creation to talk to. However, he has left an open line of communication to all of them. Unlimited anytime minutes, as it were. (Wow, what a rate plan. Now i can hit up my whole crew... hehe).

On the other end, we've got humans. People. Like you and me. So, the question becomes, if the creator of all things, the sovereign Lord over all creation (who, incidentally, will respond to requests that we make of him) wants to talk to us, and has made it INSANELY easy to do so... WHY THE JUNK DON'T WE DO IT 24/7? Well, maybe not 24/7, but more often. Sorry, didn't mean to indict all of humanity... this is more of a self-discovery thing.

Psalm 19, in the Nate Paraphrase Version (NPV) (THIS IS NOT INSPIRED... JUST EASY TO UNDERSTAND)

It's obvious to me that the sky can't talk. That's just silly. But I can't deny the fact that the sky is TELLING ME about how great God is. I mean, look at the sun! It's so big and bright and hot... try going through a clear day without being in the sun. It's hard.

Not only this, God's pretty smart. He helped a lot of people write the Bible, and there's some pretty cool freakin' stuff in there. If I were to learn all that stuff... man... that would be sweet.

He can't make mistakes either. That's pretty cool. I can make mistakes. A lot. God, help me to keep away from the sins that I know I can stay away from. Help me to control them, don't let them control me. I can't do it alone... I need the help of the guy that I described earlier. If you help me do this, I'll be free from the suckiness of being trapped in sin.

So, let everything that I say and everything that I think make you happy. God, I depend on you, and I know you have already redeemed me from any sins.

Click here for the real version. (NASB)

Happy thursday.

yeah, so... I think the Blue Streak has self-healing powers.

I get into the car the other day, and out of nowhere, the cabin light turns on, and the car is signaling that the driver's door is open. This isn't too weird, except that it never did that before. Then, later on, when I was getting out of the car, I accidentally left the headlights on. And before i took the keys out, the car started going "bing bong, bing bong". It never did that before either....


oh, and...

break out the signet ring and slaughter the fattest pig, the prodigal battery charger has been found!

Tuesday, March 25, 2003

i've changed my mind.

I need the *thump* *thump* *tha-thump* when i'm playing.... the DI just won't cut it.

yeah, so a certain group of people got a certain email from a certain someone that caused quite a bit of ruckus up here in norcal. to quote one of the group:

"Friday will be an interesting day. Prepare your interview questions now. At least there's two hours in the car where she's captive in the car; can't go anywhere to avoid our questions. muahaha."

Let the hazing begin.


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