Friday, April 25, 2003

I'm making a public promise right now NOT to be selfish or stupid when it comes to the distribution of my parent's estate when they pass on. Argh. Long story short, my brother's facing possible eviction due to inane family drama. Not my immediate family, but extended. I just hope this doesn't get any worse than it already is.

My mom made an interesting point... it seems that the childhood of my dad and aunt is playing out again in the lives of my brother and my cousin. weird.... what does that make me? hrm... it hurts my head to think of such things.

It's interesting what happens to people when money is involved... not that everyone turns into a green eyed monster, but that they all become very business like and legalistic. I totally understand what Jesus was talking about when he said that "man cannot serve both God and money." He said that you must despise one and love the other, not both (paraphrase). There is little room for grace when it comes to handling money. I'm amazed at how cold hearted the IRS can be around April. hehe.

The question becomes, is it wrong to want financial prosperity? I know that in excess, the money thing could definitely take over one's (and my) life... but is it wrong for me to want to have financial security in my life (incidentally, that whole situation's not looking too good right about now)? I mean, is the American dream of a house, car and family with 2.5 children "against the rules" when it comes to good Christian living? How much do you depend on God's provision and how much do you pick up your bootstraps and try to make it on your own? And for that matter, when does dependence upon God become apathy on my part?

The conclusion that I have drawn after all this rambling... as it is in most cases, I must strive to find a balance between giving control over to the One who controls all and being "proactive" to the end of supporting myself. I don't know if that makes any sense... not sitting around on my butt all day waiting for the big check to come in, but working hard to eke out a living in the full knowledge that God has my future firmly in hand.

Wow... that was a profound bit of blogging spawned from a moment of frustration... God rocks.

you know, "notary publics", the guys that sign stuff for you....

i used to think that it was "noter republic"... until I saw it written on paper. I was like... what's his deal? Is he so powerful that he's his own republic?

ah... the innocence of youth.

Thursday, April 24, 2003

Theological dose for the week. This one's good, pay attention.

Proverbs 22:6 - commonly used passage... "Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not turn from it." This passage is commonly used as a promise given to parents that if they train their children in Godly ways, they'll continue to live this way when they're older.

My argument is that this promise cannot be made based on this passage. Literal translation in the Hebrew: "Train up (dedicate) a young person according to the measurement of his ways, moreover, for when they become old, they will not be able to turn from their ways." It's sloppy, but here's the idea: If a kid is bratty when he is young, if his parents don't intervene, he will be bratty as an adult. This idea is quite contrary to the common child dedication message that you hear.

So... it turns out proverbs 22:6 is actually a warning, not a promise.

i'm done.

I would like to take a moment to thank cuz for providing about 90% of my traffic through here. Check out her site. She has some rather poigniant thoughts about grilled cheese sandwiches. We miss you up here, cuz.

so, i'm getting the sneaking suspicion that i'm being far less productive this week than last week. But, if you think about it... i've probably done more this week (productivity wise) than last week. I think it all has to do with motion. My "activity" this week has been rather static, and my "activity" last week was all over the place.

Ikea on sunday. to 11.

I'll leave you with one of my all time favorite song lyrics:

"I forget what happens on the fourth of July, or when the rent is due. Dates and deadlines just float by, but I'll always remember you."

Tuesday, April 22, 2003

it's a hard thing when you come to the realization that God's will is always higher than... and sometimes contrary to... your own.

heavy heart tonight.

Monday, April 21, 2003

unfortunately, i have neither the time nor the resources to post the 1400 some pictures from the New York trip. I'll try to post some later, but i'm still sorting. So... you'll have to settle for narration for now.

Day 1

arrive at berts house, and leave for the airport soon after. show up at the airport, hook up with VW and eat dinner at the concourse with Ed, the CTI team leader. He takes off about an hour later, and we chill for a little more.

We get on the plane and leave for New York. Pretty uneventful flight, but it was 6am EST when we got there. We hit the ground running and checked into the Hotel Pennsylvania. VW and AY had a cab driver named "Butt" (sic)...

So, New York is pretty big. So we head to the first thing we see, Macy's on 34th. The Macys. From the movie. Miracle on 34th street. So lucky, cause we caught the Macy's flower show. So cool.

Then we head over to the Empire State Building. (incidentally, me n' AY thought it was the chrysler, but we won't talk about that.) But... before we do that, we have to go on this stupid SkyRide thing. Lamest thing ever. Seriously. Lamest. EVER. Anyway, the view from the top of the ESB was more than enough payoff.

So, we move on to the New Amsterdam theatre where we see the matinee for the Lion King. Oh. My. Gosh. Amazing. Must buy soundtrack. If you have the chance, go catch it.

Then we take the MTA up to the Bronx to catch a Yankees game. They lost. Poor Hideki.

After that, we're pretty wiped, so we head back to HP for sleep.

Day 2

Museum of Natural History. HUGE. Best dinosaur display ever. This museum was huge. huge.

Then we went to Little Italy for dinner. Classic Italian restaurant. It even had the table of old Italian men on in the corner, being visited by the old man who manages the restaurant. Food. Good.

Day 3

Went to MOMA out in queens. Kind of a podunk little museum, but the Picasso/Matisse show was amazing. Really cool. Then we went to the Met
off Central Park. Now this museum... GAWR. Anything and everything that you could think of is in this museum. And it was free. Awesome. Then we hooked up with Cat Chen (BEST TOUR GUIDE EVER) and she took us to the upper east side for good friday service. It was packed out, so we went out to Columbia University for another service. Good stuff.

Day 4

Went down to the WTC to see ground zero. The wall behind the platform had some pretty cool stuff on it. Then we headed out to Battery Park to look at the Statue of Liberty. Cool park. Then we went out to the Brooklyn Bridge to take pictures. We fulfilled the New York dreams of VW by going to Cafe Lola [edit 4.22.03:: Cafe Lalo. Thanks, Tour Guide] on the upper west side. For those of you that don't know... Cafe Lalo is the cafe used in the climax of the movie "You've Got Mail." We saw where Meg Ryan sat. So cool. Good cheesecake, too. I had the mango cheesecake. Clutch. Then we went over to Times Square to eat dinner at a Japanese restaurant called "Sapporo." Cheap. Good. Awesome. To 11.

This next section requires a new paragraph. So it turns out that the piano player from Columbia is a professional jazz musician. He had a couple concerts on saturday, and we were invited. We were wandering around for a few minutes trying to find the entrance. After a few phone calls on Cat's behalf (BEST TOUR GUIDE EVER), we see a guy standing outside of a door. Turns out that's the entrance to the jazz club. We get into a small elevator (7 of us) and when we get out, we're in a little apartment turned jazz club. Let me just tell you how cool it was. This guy was AMAZING. His bassist and drummer, AMAZING. So cool.

Day 5

We get an early start and head out to Times Square to attend the Times Square Church. It's a renovated theatre that was turned into a church. We ended up sitting in overflow, which is actually about three times the size of the typical sanctuary in California. Very cool stuff.

Then we went back to the hotel, and we checked out. The girls headed out to H&M, a local department store, which apparently has really good values. VW and NY spend an undisclosed amount. AY, CA and myself head back uptown and see Licoln Center, Trump Towers, Columbus Circle, and take AY over to the Met to look at the armor exhibit. I go and buy some souvenirs and then we taxi back to the hotel.

We head to JFK and come home.

Done and done.

Whew. New York rocks.

New York rocked my world.

More later. Gnite.

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